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Table: G-men Ramen Izakaya

We were in Richmond and decided to eat at Gmen. Three of us total at the table tonight. Parking at the lot behind the restaurant was full, but the street parking is free after 9pm.

Inside, you have to sign up on the sheet with the information below. There are seats in the waiting area and magazines for you to browse. Luckily, we didn't have much of a wait.

The restaurant also helpfully reminds people of the time limits, gratuity for large parties, and though not pictured there's also a sign saying $8.50 minimum per person.

The restaurant is lit adequately and the booths are cosy but not meant for more than 2, though they add on extensions if they're low on space. The larger tables are behind and there is also bar seating if you're not picky.

On the side there are various sauces. I usually take advantage of the garlic, vinegar, and the chili pepper powder :)

On order for the night: ebi mayo, beef yukke, tori karaage, miso ramen, tan tan men with egg, mix tori mayo rice.

The ebi mayo arrived first. I liked the batter which was crisp and thin and did not detract from the fresh taste of the prawn whatsoever. Well done, though maybe a little heavy on the mayo sauce.

Beef yukke arrived as thin slivers. We mixed in the quail egg right away. Warning for allergies: comes with pine nuts, as you can clearly see in the photo. The yukke sauce is a kind of savoury with mild sweetness marinade and when mixed together the quail egg adds a bit of creaminess to the beef. It's quite tender and tasty.

Our friend's little rice arrived. The tori mayo was kind of like chicken salad in that it had the heavy mayonnaise flavour. The generous amount of spring onion on top was nice and made for great presentation, but beware that it is a mini portion as it is the same size bowl of a miso soup. But it's fairly priced at $3.25 I think, and was one of the dinner specials.

I forgot to take a photo of the chicken karaage so it's pictured with a few pieces missing already, oops :) Crisp and crunchy, the lemon adds brightness and acid helps cuts through the mild oiliness. Pieces are a good and generous size.

Tan tan men: personally I'd prefer the egg to be the soft boil type where the yolk is still runny, but I guess that's just me. The soup is rich and peanutty with sweet aftertones overlaid with mild spicy pizazz. Anata likes to order this at Gmen, but it's not something I would like to have an entire bowl of.

Miso ramen: my go-to order at ramen joints. The noodles were nice and chewy, the broth very thick but tasty. There is a very layered and rich flavouring to the soup, though it's a little overwhelming. I think I prefer it less rich and oily. The restaurant has a sign up saying you can request for it to be "less oily" and I probably should have done so. The pork was soft and tender and seasoned well.

Overall G-men is a nice place to come to for ramen. The prices are a little higher though the quality backs it up as the food is fresh with vibrant and rich flavours.

G-Men / Ramen Izakaya @ NanChuu 南廚 on Urbanspoon